Nine books for campaign success

I'm often asked about the best reading for advocacy success, so I wanted to share some of the books that have inspired me over the years. This list is far from exhaustive – and these books are not exclusively about advocacy – but they do provide a great perspective on what delivers change, both through … Continue reading Nine books for campaign success

Five steps to strategy success – learning from Tanzania

This week, I've been reflecting on my first Country Office Mission with UNICEF. Last October, two colleagues and I ran three day workshop with the Tanzania Office to a) identify their advocacy priorities and design corresponding strategies, and b) to build the advocacy and campaigns knowledge, skills and confidence of staff members across the office. … Continue reading Five steps to strategy success – learning from Tanzania

Taking inspiration from coffee

‘Winning at all costs’. When pressed on their conduct during a campaign, this was the answer from one of our speakers. While the honesty is admirable, I have to disagree with the sentiment. Following my time with Future Leaders Connect, I am more convinced than ever that the means really does matter just as much … Continue reading Taking inspiration from coffee

Cultural (lack of) Confidence

Picture the scene: a vibrant cultural marketplace. From Tunisia, to Kenya to Pakistan, stalls are draped in their national flag and stall-holders are wearing their national dress, brimming with pride at the opportunity to showcase their history and their culture.   Then your eye catches a group of people awkwardly huddled in front of five … Continue reading Cultural (lack of) Confidence

The Seven Cs for a Successful Campaign

Day two of Future Leaders Connect began with a fascinating discussion on successful influencing, with Matthew Elliott, Chief Executive of Vote Leave; Kajal Odera, UK Director of; and Lord Wilson, former Cabinet Secretary. From the very public to the very private, they were hugely candid in their reflections on what works. My day job is … Continue reading The Seven Cs for a Successful Campaign