The seven Cs for a successful campaign

Day two of Future Leaders Connect began with a fascinating discussion on successful influencing, with Matthew Elliott, Chief Executive of Vote Leave; Kajal Odera, UK Director of; and Lord Wilson, former Cabinet Secretary. From the very public to the very private, they were hugely candid in their reflections on what works. My day job is … Continue reading The seven Cs for a successful campaign

The art of listening

I’ve written quite a lot in this blog about the importance of putting other voices first – be it the voices that are usually marginalised; the people you are campaigning alongside; or your team and the people you’re seeking to grow and develop. But this approach must go hand in hand with a genuine commitment … Continue reading The art of listening

Essential leadership characteristics

We have been asked to identify: What are the three leadership characteristics which will be essential in your country in the near future? I have cheated, and picked four characteristics I believe are essential. Leaders must have both a passion and commitment for delivering a better world. To be a good leader, you should be motivated … Continue reading Essential leadership characteristics

Children’s rights as human rights

Ahead of the Future Leaders Connect programme, we were asked to consider the following question: It’s 70 years since the universal declaration of human rights was proclaimed by the United Nations, but are our human rights better protected today than in 1948? It is a good question, with no easy answer. While there is plenty to … Continue reading Children’s rights as human rights